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  • Show Your Passion Series: Ambassador Rebecca Utermohlen

    Easy Hammered Wire Earring Tutorial

    By: Rebecca Utermohlen

    Hello! Rebecca from My Girlish Whims here to talk about my jewelry making passion! I've been making jewelry ever since I was a kid and so jewelry making in general is truly a passion of mine. It's what I do to have fun and relax in my spare time.  I enjoy using a variety of techniques in my jewelry making but a current favorite is using an anvil and chasing hammer to hammer and texture wire. This is a really easy technique that can easily make your jewelry pieces look very professional!...

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  • Show Your Passion Series: Ambassador Molly Alexander

    Beads: Not Just For Jewelry!

    By: Molly Alexander


    Of all the things I am passionate about, one of my most favorite things in the world is using something in a way that it was not designed to be used, and this is true in nearly every aspect of my artwork.  Whether finding an old rusty washer to incorporate into a necklace or using an old schoolhouse door as a towel rack in my guest bathroom (yes – this is true!), I like to see objects and materials from a unique perspective and stretch my creative comfort zone in utilizing ...

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  • Show Your Passion Series: Ambassador Rachel Nielsen

    Twisted Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

    By: Rachel Nielsen

    I love pearls. When I was 12 or 13 my mom took a trip to Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. This was a big deal. She saved for two years to be able to go. When she came back she, of course, brought home souvenirs. One of the things she got for herself was a pearl bracelet. All the strands were twisted around each other. It was so pretty.  I loved it then and I still love it now. So I decided to try and re-create one for myself. The pearls on her ...

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  • Show Your Passion Series: Ambassador Shelly Owen

    That's My Jewelry Making Passion

    By: Shelly Owen

    So....what is that one technique that I always revert back to no matter what?  Can you guess?  No?  I think the one technique that I can't live without and am always incorporating into my designs in some way or another is wire wrapping.  Why?  It's a very versatile medium to work in and I find it very relaxing.  And without even knowing it, you probably have done a bit of it.  You might be thinking, "NO, I haven't!" Forming loops on head pins to make earrings sound familiar?  Yup, that was your ...

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  • Show Your Passion Series: Ambassador Lisa Crone








    The Story of the MAGICAL 12-Bead Bauble

    By: Lisa Crone

    Once upon a time, on a Caribbean beading cruise many years ago, I noticed a sparkly crystal necklace worn by a fellow beader. After complimenting her on it, she kindly offered to show me how she made the sparkly bauble hanging from a chain around her neck.

    We met up later for a beading session. I vividly remember the sun shining through all the Swarovski crystals creating sparkles everywhere. A magical moment!





                                                                                                                                                                                                        Since I didn’t know the right ...

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  • Aimee by Cousin Creative Circle Ambassador Shelly Owen

    Skill Level: 2

    Craft Time: Under 30 Minutes



    AJM64011012    Brown/Black Strand 1 Package    

    AJM64011028    Clear/Round Double Strand 2 Packages


    Instructions: Also needed:

    One Silver Lobster Claw Clasp

    Four Silver 6mm Split Rings

    One Silver 4mm Jump Ring

    Bead Stringing Wire

    Four #2 Crimp Tubes

    Two Silver Ear Wires

    Two Silver Eye Pins



    Measure and cut two 10 inch pieces of bead stringing wire. Attach one end of each piece of wire to a split ring using a crimp tube.  Thread on 25 clear beads on each strand of wire and attach another split ring and ...

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  • Marketing Your Handcrafted Jewelry to Sell

    Bella Amore Tropical Reef Necklace

    Now that you've created amazing handcrafted jewelry, you have two choices:  Either get a much larger jewelry armoire (or convert a walk in closet for your jewelry wardrobe) or sell it to spread the beauty of your designs to clients across the country and around the globe.  

    When it comes to selling your handcrafted jewelry, the most important thought I can share with you is that you must, I repeat, you MUST be able to connect with your clients on an emotional level.  When buying jewelry, women often make impulse purchases or they buy because they really connect with ...

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  • Guest Blog: Find Creativity in Another Place and Time

    Cousin wants to hear from you on our blog!  We have been conducting a search for guest bloggers to share their experiences in the jewelry-making business.  There is so much to learn from fellow Bead enthusiasts and as a result of an overwhelming response, we are going to start with our 1st guest blogger feature today!   

    Without further delay, here is the post! 


    Find Creativity in Another Place and Time 

    By, Kim Williams
    ICE Resin® Team 2014



     Lightbulb image

    Photo Credit: 

     Many times I read my fellow jewelry artist complain they are ...

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  • A.C. Moore: 8 New Projects and More!

    A.C. Moore has recently refreshed all the Cousin Jewelry Basics in their stores and the response has been awesome.  There are so many new pieces, 8+ projects created exclusively for A.C. Moore, a 30-minute instructional  video with a Cousin designer and so much more! 


    Here's the gorgeous Fuschia Fiesta!  Click here to find out how to make it for free and where to get everything you need.

    AC Moore Fuschia Fiesta



    Meet Cousin Designer Jennifer, our video tutorial extraordinaire and learn how to make the beautiful Iridescent Jewelry set.  Click here to follow our Youtube Channel and ...

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  • Helpful Tips for Using Memory Wire

     Gold Memory Wire Bracelets

    Whether you're an experienced jewelry maker or just starting a new hobby, memory wire is a popular craft supply with an abundance of uses. We've found that at times, what originally looked like a simple enough project can turn into a scrap piece of wire, or even worse, an unrepairable cutting tool. The following article will provide some helpful tactics to avoid costly mistakes and make the best use of this handy material.

    Memory wire is a hardened (or tempered) steel wire that comes in various sized circular or oval coils. These coils are rigid, and overworking the wire ...

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