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Fashion Accessory Trends for Summer / Spring 2012

With Spring & Summer 2012 most definitely upon us (at least here in Florida, no thanks to Punxsutawney Phil), the flowers are blooming and everyone is running for bathing suits, floppy hats, sandals AND accessories of course! This season the jewelry trends are shifting slightly to include some of our favorite fashion accessories. You’ll see lots of feathers sticking around for at least the spring and now chains & fringe are making a comeback too! Since these fashion accessories can make or break your spring and summer sales and wardrobe, we’ll do a little review to try to help everyone out a little.

Well first off, this Spring and Summer neon colors are IN, like EVERYWHERE in! Even the front racks at Target are donning these 80’s-esque super bright colors. Along with these colors you will almost certainly find feather accents, fringe and even fringe hanging from accent pieces! Collared necklaces are also making a comeback on the red carpets and debonair parties. And have you seen the statement earrings that the fashionistas are wearing too?! Dangling earrings can be 24 inches PLUS for Spring and Summer! It sounds absolutely crazy but it’s definitely out there and getting more popular by the day. Also what seems to be becoming a common staple piece are stacked bangles of all shapes, colors and sizes and remain super popular. Got to love that arm parties are still rocking on!

Leather wrist wraps and detailed leather belts, paired with leather fringe and tassels of all lengths are also one of the top trends for Spring & Summer 2012 jewelry and accessories. This look lends itself well to being paired with flared skirts and denim. Designers like Emilio Pucci have brought a bohemian inspired assemblage of fashion jewelry to this season’s forefront, making it perfect for pairing with lace and chiffon fabrics.

And as always ladies, if you have the confidence to pull it off, then show it off! Accent earrings, tassels, fringe, leather, neon colors and all!

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Comments  14

  • Lynn 28 Mar

    Love this bright colors! Bring us more patterns.
  • Patty 28 Mar

    WOW! According to these beautiful upcoming fashions, we are going to have a very colorful season.
  • Rebecca 28 Mar

    Bright, happy colors. Makes me want to spend more time outside.

    Can't keep up with all the designs in my head.

    Looove this site and page.

  • May P 28 Mar

    I like bright colors, but neon, not so much.
  • Margaret arsenault 28 Mar

    Brilliant colors.  Can see several of my friends wearing this type of jewelry

  • Dena 28 Mar

    I am really looking forward to putting the bright colors into my accessories! Thank you for the updates!
  • Julia 28 Mar

    What an awesome page, so many beautiful jewelry pieces, awesome beads & great giveaways!
  • Robin 28 Mar

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on trends. Love the bright colors. Having to rethink and restock my supplies with brighter "bling."
  • Mo 28 Mar

    Bright colors and mixed media...fringe oh my!  Gonna be a HOT summer!  Thanks for the heads up!
  • Shirley Callahan 28 Mar

    I am looking forward to the new spring colors. I love all the bright colors because they are so refreshing.
  • Sylvia 29 Mar

    Thanks Cousin for all the inspiration and fabulous elements you create!!
  • Lora 04 Apr

    I see lots of feathers, hot pinks with black and white, and a beautiful color I don't know the name of ... somewhere between dark pink and coral! Pinks of all shades are going to rule the summer I think!
  • Renetha Stanziano 04 Apr

    I just discovered that a company called Pantone is a leader in color and has posted what they believe to be this years colors for Spring/Summer fashion.  Some are bright, like the tangerine tango, and some are lighter like sweet lilac.  But I would rather not follow trends, and just make what I like in colors I like!  I believe Cousin's is doing a great job providing inspiration with their products.
  • Cesar 28 Jun

    Hi Kim,The designs are meant to prdvioe inspiration only. There isn't a way to link each piece to the store it's from, as the entire design is one image. For the most part, the items are available in the stores at the time each issue is released, but occassionally I have to use items from previous seasons to put together an entire family wardrobe. Additionally, the clothing lines in the stores changes so frequently, often times within 2-3 weeks after the issue is released, those items are not longer available in the stores. Hope this helps
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