“Frankenstein’s Princess” Choker by Lisa Crone

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“Frankenstein’s Princess” Choker by Lisa Crone


5 in. black zipper with silver pull & teeth (Coats closed bottom zipper from Joann, Etc.)

2 silver tone ribbon clasps (Joann, Etc.)

Silver tone magnet clasp (Joann, Etc.)

Clear Monofilament by Cousin – 109m

Twist bugle bead – Red #4 by Cousin (approx 12 grams)

Silver tone chain – oval link by Cousin

4 silver tone jump rings




2 pairs of flat nose pliers

Beading needle



1.      Begin by threading needle with monofilament and tie overhand knot at the end of the line.

2.      Open zipper.

3.      Make 14 red sparkly loops: beginning on either the far left or right, bring needle from the back to the front just above the zipper teeth in the top zipper section.

4.      Add 11 red bugle beads, count two teeth over and take needle through from the front to the back just above the zipper teeth in the top zipper section. Repeat for 3 dangles.

5.      Repeat step 4, adding beaded loops s follows: 12 beads, then 14, 15, 16, 16, 15, 14, 12, 11, 11, 11.

6.      On the right end of the zipper, slide the ribbon clasp over both the top and bottom ends, crossing the very ends slightly so they fit within the clasp.

7.      Use flat nose pliers to close the clasp. This might take a few crimps on both ends of the clasp.

8.      Repeat on the left side.

9.      Cut two 3 inch chain pieces.

10.  Open jump ring, attach to right side ribbon clasp and, before closing, add one end of the chain.

11.  Close jump ring using both pliers.

12.  Repeat on left side.

13.  Open jump ring, add right end of chain, slide on magnet clasp and close jump ring.

14.  Repeat on left side. 

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