Perfectly Patriotic - Earrings

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Perfectly Patriotic - Earrings


#34718112 White Small Chain (18”)

#34717002 Red/White Large Hole Glass Beads

#34719162 Silver Earring Wires (2 pc)

#34719159 Silver Eye Pins (2 pc)

(2 pc) Sapphire 6mm Bicone (4 pc)


Tools Needed:

Round Nose Pliers

Needle Nose Pliers

Wire Cutters


Techniques to Know:

Form a Wrapped Loop



1. Cut (12) 1 1/ ” lengths of small white chain.

2. Thread an eye pin with the bead pattern.Form a wrapped loop. Be sure to slide six chains onto the loop before wrapping it closed. Repeat for the matching earring.


Skill Level: Easy - No Experience Needed


Approximate Crafting Time: 20 Minutes


Difficulty Level: Easy

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